Every financial decision you make has tax consequences that can impact your company’s profitability and savings. We know you will be pleased with the approach we take when addressing tax issues and solving your financial concerns.

We can help you discover which decisions affect you negatively, and moving forward implement decisions that minimize your tax liability and maximize profitability.

We believe a well-thought and carefully crafted tax strategy provides a solid foundation for your company’s future growth while also addressing current compliance matters.


You deserve a certain amount of commitment and professionalism from your accountant. We can help assist you in the preparation of tax filings and detailing a plan to ensure you have a bright financial future ahead.


After evaluating your expenses and operations to see which tax incentives you may qualify for, we can then assist you with the preparation of necessary paperwork and any applicable reporting requirements necessary in order to receive your tax credits.


As a not-for-profit, your organization is looking for ways increase efficiency so you can direct more dollars and resources to achieving your mission. You face an increasingly complex and changing regulatory environment at the State and Federal levels. Navigating this environment requires experienced professionals that understand the issues faced by not-for-profit organizations.

We can help — obtaining tax-exempt status, complying with IRS requirements, including the filing of Forms 990 and 990-T, planning for and paying payroll and sales and use taxes, FIN 48 analyses, and unrelated business income analyses.

Our professionals regularly interact with federal, state, and other regulatory agencies. We also work with organizations that have not-for-profit and for-profit subsidiaries. As a result, our tax professionals regularly spend time working on complex tax-exempt issues.

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